"My Wonderland"
                                                                           Michael Jackson



Welcome and enjoy the visit of the Park!



<<“Everything here is just as I imagined it”>>


At the entrance of Neverland Valley Ranch (about 112 miles north from Los Angeles)
there is a huge amusement park of 1300 hectares that he had built.

He designed this property and drew his inspiration from the universe of “The Oz Magician”
and Peter Pan, his favorite hero who just as MJ refuses to grow up.
He welcomes for free sick and disinherit children who come in crowded buses.

He welcomes for free sick and disinherit children who come in crowded buses.

“From the top of the big wheel, you can touch the stars…”


He gladly goes with them on the bumpers cars which floor is full of artificial smoke and others amusements.





He lets them play with his fourth yards long albino python who was called “Madonna” because its fairness.
“They are not as silly as most as human beings” says MJ of his 200 animals of his menagerie: alligators, giraffes, Gypsy (an elephant that was offered by Liz Tailor), Linus (the dwarf sheep), Cricket the pony, Petunia the guinea-pig, as well as lamas andkangaroos.



 But that's not over, the property is so big that there are wild animals

(coyotes, bears, wild cats and pumas!)


It's a huge Tudor style manor of 25 rooms (the roof are lightened by lasers!) with billiards, kitchen, living-rooms, big bathrooms, etc


His desk


And when he's at home, he plays the piano sometimes dressed with funny socks!





In each path, there are bronze statues that MJ brought from Italy,
To remember that Neverland Valley is the paradise of the children of the world.



“I love children because they are pure and innocents. Adults' company scares me..”


In each rock, loudspeakers broadcast rock music.
And at home, he listens to Wald Disney music and turns it up to the maximum!

Theirs is a church, a school and  MJ's private garden
Is a real ocean of roses and buttercups.
(40 gardeners take care of 128000 plants in the propriety)
From the terrace, you can see the enormous play field , a swimming-pool,
A golf course, corrals with horses and trampolines.
And a bit further, a large lake shines and on the shore, a speedboat, jet-skis, and a ferryboat.
But the most beautiful thing is in the middle of the lake, there is an island where MJ likes to go to meditate.

“I can dream for hours, that's my favorite occupation”


This car is Mac-Colin Culkin's.
A small electric car.If Mac knew I'm using his car, he'd be furious!


To move around you can either take the train which vapor locomotive can draw 300 people, either take one of the numerous golf karts for visitors (like the ones on the picture).

Here you can see MJ's gloves kept with a safety system, a view on the amusement park next to the entry of his room, Culkin's car and the locomotive.

There's also a cinema and at the entrance,  a huge Oscar welcomes you in the walls of real rooms with adjustable beds for handicaps children enabling those who suffer from cancer or other problems to watch film or shows without being tired. “My best memory here is an evening that we had organized for children suffering from cancer. They were all bald. A kid looked at me and said: “it's the greatest day of my life”

MJ's eyes are full of tears when he tells about the laughs of the children who have been cruelly struck by fate.





Michael Jackson poses in front of a bronze book with one of his poems.



“A planet full of joy for every child without exception. That's my aim”
  The menagerie and someplace in the back of the park.




I hope you had a nice journey in Neverland Valley Ranch and that you'll keep a good memory.
                                                                        The Warden