20 Years, October 27 2000




Where shall we start? With a passion or rather a life force that has driven us all to achieve our greatest dreams. We are, of course, talking about our beloved Michael Joseph Jackson.

It was just a few before the release of his latest album INVINCIBLE, probably one of the best, despite the criticism of many people .

At that time he gathered 3 generations of fans, so the name's origin of our fanclub. 20 years later he is gathering them together for eternity! We are still proud to carry this flame that shines in every FAN who respects him. Michael's websites were booming, but what we always wanted to do at the beginning was to show who Michael really was and to support each other fans at various events. At every joy or battle to support Michael, and at concerts and album releases we were there because he was there for us in our lives.


At every joy or battle to support Michael and at concerts, album releases we were there because he was there for us in our lives.

The design of our web page was always very important as his songs were always up to date and his look was always ahead of the others, he invented the styles.


The highlights :

Watching his children grow up as if they were our own. And that's when you realise who knew how to educate them despite having left too quickly, the Jackson family is above all, respect for the family. Daddy Joe and his wife Katherine did everything they could to perpetuate the next generation.

Release of the album Invincible.


Arviso's trial which once again weakened Michael, but despite this he held on, he said "I have the skin of a Rhinoceros".

The artists who worked for him, with some we kept in touch during all this years.

As well as the artists who continue to perpetuate his art through their paintings and other works.